The Vi Peel Rocks My World

I never used to have the greatest skin. Is it possible for a 5-year-old to have a pimple? My husband says no, but I’m not convinced. Check out my kindergarten school picture. What IS that on my cheek?

Our makeup artist Jamie in kindergarten. Could that really be a pimple on her cheek?

I would go through times where my skin was better than other times, but usually it just left me feeling self-conscious. I finally reached a place where I was OK with how my skin was doing and then I stopped taking birth control pills and all “h” broke loose (in our house we just say letters). Mah-jor hormonal imbalance going on everywhere – my face, my neck (see before photo below), my chest, my back. Two huge thumbs down.

Then, I tried the Vi Peel (pronounced V.I. not vie). It’s a medium-depth chemical peel that combines the strongest acids without causing pain during the peel or weeks of downtime afterward. Not only does it help with acne, but it also helps with pore size, fine lines, brown spots, acne scarring and so much more. On the third day after the peel, the visible transformation begins. Your skin will start to flake and peel around the mouth and then work its way up your face. The major peeling should be finished by the end of the fourth day. I had a few flakes here and there around my jawline and hairline for the next few days. People always want to know what the peeling will look like. I don’t know what I’m thinking, but here you go Internet. Here I am with no makeup on Day 3 after a Vi Peel.

Left: The Vi Peel begins peeling around the mouth on Day 3. Right: An up close shot of the flaking. Do NOT pick at it. It will flake off when washing your face. It can be covered with the moisturizer provided in the take-home after care kit.

Check out the amazing before and after results on my neck after two Vi Peels!

Thanks to chemical peels and a daily medical skin care regime with Obagi, my skin has never looked better. Even my mom commented the other day how nice my skin looked and she has been seeing it with pimples since I was 5 :) .

This is me today.

Aesthetic Concierge/Makeup Artist
Vein Institute & Medical Spa, Inc.

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