Trusculpt Offers Permanent Body Sculpting Without Surgery

Q: I have heard that there are laser treatments out there to help get rid of fat. Do these really work and are they permanent? Tiffany, Winona Lake

A. Tiffany, you are correct. There continues to be new laser technology developed to help in the battle of the bulge without the need for anesthesia and surgery that work beautifully.

Previously, the only laser option available was one that would essentially freeze the unwanted fat. This laser was often painful and could only treat the thighs and abdomen. The most current technology known as truSculpt™ actually does the opposite and uses heat to destroy the unwanted fat cells. Whereas the other lasers can only treat a few specific areas of the body, truSculpt can treat multiple areas including the abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms, buttocks and chin. It uses your body’s immune system to break down cells of fat for fat reduction as well as body sculpting. The treatment itself is simple and pain free. As an added bonus, the truSculpt also offers skin tightening benefits. Patients can immediately return to their normal activities. It is FDA approved and safe and effective for all skin types. I recommend three treatments should be performed on one specific area of concern four to six weeks apart for optimal results.

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You asked, Tiffany, if it is a permanent solution. The truSculpt treatment is definitely a permanent treatment as it eliminates those excess fat cells from your body. If you, however, make new fat cells through such means as pregnancy weight gain, thyroid concerns or too much junk food then your results may not last. Results from the treatment are typically seen four weeks after the first procedure with optimal results taking about three months.

Keep in mind, Tiffany, that these treatments are not designed for weight loss or for those with a BMI over 30. They offer an alternative to surgery and its risks for those stubborn pockets of fat. It works best when coupled with a healthy diet and exercise plan. It is important to first have a consultation with a trained medical aesthetics professional to evaluate the area that concerns you and ensure you are a good candidate. If you are, by the time spring break comes you will have lost inches, tightened and flattened that stubborn area all without surgery!

Jennifer KauffmanJennifer Kauffman is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, practicing in Warsaw and Ft. Wayne. She is a sought after speaker at medical conferences such as the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons. Jennifer is a member of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Coalition of Advance Practice Nurses of Indiana. She received her Nursing and Nurse Practitioner degrees from Goshen College, and Indiana Wesleyan University. Jennifer is a Clinical Instructor nationally to physicians and nurses on Botox, fillers and sclerotherapy.

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