3 Skin Myths You Still Believe About The Tanning Bed

Hopefully by now most people are educated on the dangers of using a tanning bed including skin cancer, wrinkles, dull skin, premature aging and brown spots. However, whether due to misconceptions or misinformation, many people still believe that tanning beds are helpful for certain problems. Here are three of the most common skin myths you probably still believe about the tanning bed.

1. Tanning Your Legs Will Help Camouflage Spider Veins

legsIt’s no secret that those purple and blue spider veins are annoying, often embarrassing and we wish they would just go away. Some of my patients will try using a tanning bed or sunbathing to camouflage the spider veins; however, this actually makes them worse! The heat causes the veins to dilate adding to the problem. If you want to temporarily camouflage them, you can try sunless tanner or have them medically treated to eliminate the spider veins altogether.

2. Tanning Will Clear Up Acne

tanning facePlease do not buy into the myth that sun tanning will clear up acne on your face or your body. While it may appear to be curing it temporarily by disguising the acne, not only is this the most harmful practice you can take against your skin, but it will actually cause more breakouts in the future. The sun or tanning beds will dry out your skin creating even more dead skin cells that will sit on top of your skin. This creates a higher chance for your pores to become clogged with the dead skin as it mixes with oil, sweat, dirt and bacteria to make even more acne and compound the problem.

3. A Base Tan Before Vacation Will Protect Your Skin

sunburnThere is no such thing as a safe tan. Any tan at all is a sign of skin damage. It is a myth that a “base tan” protects your skin from a sunburn. A tan is your skin’s attempt to repair sun damage and prevent further injury. “A base does very little to protect your skin, and since tanning damages the skin, getting a base tan could do more harm than good.” said Dr. Draelos of the American Academy of Dermatology. “The only way to prevent sunburn is to protect your skin through using sunscreen, wearing protective clothing and seeking shade.”

Think twice before jumping into a tanning bed. It is easy to achieve that healthy glow by treating your skin with medical skin care for a younger, brighter complexion. If you have any questions about your skin health, be sure to consult with a medical professional.

Jennifer-Lab Coat-6cropJennifer Kauffman is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, practicing in Warsaw and Ft. Wayne. She is a sought after speaker at medical conferences such as the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons. Jennifer is a member of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Coalition of Advance Practice Nurses of Indiana. She received her Nursing and Nurse Practitioner degrees from Goshen College, and Indiana Wesleyan University. Jennifer is a Clinical Instructor nationally to physicians and nurses on sclerotherapy.
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