June is Acne Awareness Month

Did you know June is Acne Awareness Month? If you are one who struggles with acne, you certainly do not need a whole month to make you aware of it. I know you are very aware. Nor is it something you want to celebrate. Unfortunately, acne affects 40-50 million Americans each year, or about 80 percent of the population, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. So it is likely if you do not struggle with it personally you know someone who does.

Sometimes acne improves with age, but for some people who didn’t have acne as a teenager find themselves now faced with it as an adult. In my practice daily, I see women and men up into their 50s battling acne. It doesn’t seem quite fair to be dealing with both acne and wrinkles at the same time, does it? Whether triggered by hormones, stress, weather, medications, genetics, or certain makeup, acne is caused by clogged pores, bacteria and oil production. While there is no overnight cure for acne, with a little persistence and the right treatment plan for you, you can have clearer looking skin.

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The first step is to unclog your pores. This is best achieved with the nightly use of a prescription retinol cream and a series of monthly chemical peels performed in a medical office. This will help to reduce the bumps on your skin and to remove dead skin cells and bacteria that are clogging your pores. As an added bonus, these treatments will help minimize fine lines. To reduce oil production, medical skin care can be prescribed for this as well. Once your skin clears, it is vital to continue a daily medical skin care routine to maintain your results.

While you are waiting on your skin to clear, please do not pick at your skin. This only introduces more bacteria to the affected (and not affected) areas, which can lead to more breakouts and can cause permanent scarring.

Acne is nothing to celebrate this month, but clear skin certainly is! If you have questions about acne or other skin care issues, be sure to consult with a licensed medical skin care professional who can start you on the path to healthier skin.

Jennifer KauffmanJennifer Kauffman is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, practicing in Warsaw. She is a sought after speaker at medical conferences such as the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons. Jennifer is a member of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Coalition of Advance Practice Nurses of Indiana. She received her Nursing and Nurse Practitioner degrees from Goshen College, and Indiana Wesleyan University. Jennifer is a Clinical Instructor nationally to physicians and nurses on Botox, fillers and sclerotherapy.

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