It’s Time To Start Getting Your Skin Ready For Spring!

Q: This harsh winter has taken a toll on my skin. With spring finally around the corner, what should I do to get my skin ready and looking better? Brooke, Warsaw
A. Brooke, the weather teased us this week with hints of warmer temperatures. Only 25 days left until the official first day of spring, but who is counting? Just like many of us will soon do some spring cleaning around our homes, it is also a good time to spring clean our faces as well.

polishThe dry air and indoor heat during the winter months can leave our skin looking dull and pasty. It is easy to wake your skin up and get it glowing again with a medical exfoliating polish. These are gentle enough that they won’t tear or knick your skin as many over-the-counter scrubs do, but strong enough to remove all of winter’s dead skin, kick start your collagen production and leave it looking bright and glowing.

Try ZO Skin Health’s Offects Exfoliating Polish at least twice a week.

Another way to remove any signs of winter’s wrath, Brooke, is with a chemical peel. A chemical peel will exfoliate all of the dead, dull skin sitting on top of your face and reveal new, younger healthier looking skin. Many of today’s peels do not even cause any peeling or downtime, so you get all of the same results with none of the side effects. That new, fresh skin that is revealed will be more sensitive to the sun, so if you are planning any spring break trips, you will need to talk with your skin care provider and plan accordingly.

Finally, if you’re like me, Brooke, your makeup brushes probably need washed. Wash them with a brush shampoo or baby shampoo and rinse them until the water runs clean. Let them dry at the edge of your sink overnight. Not only will this help your makeup go on better, but it will also make it last longer as you won’t need to use as much when using a clean brush. While you’re in your makeup bag, take note of your mascara. If it’s older than three months it is time for a new one.

It has been a hard winter on our minds, bodies and our faces, Brooke. If you have any questions about how to refresh your face and give it its own spring cleaning, be sure to consult with a medical aesthetics professional. Think spring!

Jennifer-Lab Coat-6cropJennifer Kauffman is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, practicing in Warsaw and Ft. Wayne. She is a sought after speaker at medical conferences such as the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons. Jennifer is a member of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Coalition of Advance Practice Nurses of Indiana. She received her Nursing and Nurse Practitioner degrees from Goshen College, and Indiana Wesleyan University. Jennifer is a Clinical Instructor nationally to physicians and nurses on sclerotherapy.

Do you have a question for Jennifer, about this article or another cosmetic skin care issue? Please call Vein Institute & Medical Spa at 574-267-1900 to have your questions answered and considered for future columns. Questions can also be submitted online at

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